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      Rueiyuan enterprise advocating full establish a "customer first", "first put the right thing to do," the service concept. Service has overall responsibility for pre-sale, sale and after-sales service training, management, organizational training full of quality and service awareness, strengthen staff awareness of service, security pre-sale, after-sales service go hand in hand, to establish a national customer service hotline established a nationwide sales network with various issues of national customer service network system, rapid and timely resolution of consumer encountered in product and timely consumer products, services, quality comments and suggestions to improve feedback to the company headquarters and improvement. Swiss companies will source the best quality service and dedication to our customers.



      Phone : 86-757-82269191   
      Fax : 86-757-83874500    
      Add : Chancheng District, Foshan City, the 12th Jiangwan

      Web : http://fsrytc.com/

      E-mail : ruiyangjt@163.com



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